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We offer cutting-edge solutions to achieve mobility for all, carbon neutrality & zero crashes. 

+ Mobility

S+M is a tech startup offering cutting-edge mobility Digital Solutions & Products. With our highly skilled team of scientists & engineers in smart mobility, artificial intelligence, & software development, we develop Decision-making Apps, Mobile Apps, & other Digital Solutions to achieve Mobility for ALL, Carbon Neutrality, & Zero Crashes. S+M's team has achieved successful R&D collaborations with the US department of transportation and the small business innovation research (SBIR). 

Florida's Most Innovative Smart Mobility Digital Solutions & Products Startup

We Deploy the power of data and innovation to create the most compelling transportation Digital Solutions & Products by Paving the Path for Decision-makers and Citizens toward our three goals: accessible mobility for all, Zero Crashes, & Zero Emission Mobility. 

Work with 

Customized user-centric solutions


Diverse, enriched mobility datasets

Powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms

Security, privacy & governance

Aligned with best practices standards

Easy-to-understand data visualizations


With the help of our highly skilled team of scholars and experts in smart mobility and artificial intelligence, we work on your specific questions and needs related to smart mobility.


Our team integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and business analysis to create smart and scalable solutions for real-world applications.

splusm_header_highlighter.png also has an academic hub for smart mobility and the integration of different modes of transportation and infrastructure that share the goal to make traveling safer, cleaner, and more efficient.


Our goal is to inform the smart mobility community about the most recent news and information to pave the path to a more productive, sustainable, and smart environment. 

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