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Dynamic Pricing

A dynamic pricing model can be looked at to sell the same product to different groups of people. Businesses set flexible prices for products based on current market demands. They can change prices based on algorithms that consider competitor pricing, supply and demand, and other external factors in the market. Some dynamic pricing models include segmented pricing, time-based pricing, peak pricing, penetration pricing, and random fluctuations in market conditions.

Development Of Traffic-Based Congestion Pricing And Its Application To Automated Vehicles

Jooyong Lee • Kara M. Kockelman

Apr 16, 2019

Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board

Congestion Pricing Practices And Public Acceptance: A Review Of Evidence

Ziyuan Gu • Zhiyuan Liu • Qixiu Cheng • Meead Saberi

Jan 12, 2018

Case Studies On Transport Policy

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