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Smart Grid

A smart grid is an electrical grid that contains various operation and energy measures, including advanced metering infrastructure, smart distribution boards, and circuit breakers integrated with home control and demand response, renewable energy resources, and energy-efficient resources. Smart grid management uses data from various sensors measuring weather conditions, electricity generation, and power transmission to substations and households.

Blockchain in Smart Grids: A Review on Different Use Cases

Tejasvi Alladi • Vinay Chamola • Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues • Sergei A. Kozlov

Nov 8, 2019


Flexible Energy Management Protocol For Cooperative EV-to-EV Charging

Rongqing Zhang • Xiang Cheng • Liuqing Yang

Feb 6, 2017

2016 IEEE Global Communications Conference

Energy Management Framework For Electric Vehicles In The Smart Grid: A Three-Party Game

Rongqing Zhang • Xiang Cheng • Liuqing Yang

Dec 16, 2016

IEEE Communications Magazine

Consumer-Centered Energy System For Electric Vehicles And The Smart Grid

Xiang Cheng • Rongqing Zhang • Liuqing Yang

May 25, 2016

 IEEE Intelligent Systems

Demand Response Management in the Smart Grid in a Large Population Regime

Sabita Maharjan • Quanyan Zhu • Yan Zhang • Stein Gjessing • Tamer Başar

Jun 1, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

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