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Traffic Flow

Traffic flow prediction is an important component of traffic modeling, operation, and management. Accurate and timely traffic flow information and forecasting are essential to adaptive traffic control and guidance systems and effectively reduces urban traffic congestions. Additionally, the information provided is used for individual travelers, business sectors, and government agencies. The prediction models used can be divided into parametric and nonparametric models.

Connecting urban transportation systems with the spread of infectious diseases: A Trans-SEIR modeling approach

Xinwu Qian • Satish V.Ukkusuri

Mar 1, 2021

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

Spatio-Temporal Mobility Patterns of On-demand Ride-hailing Service Users

Jiechao Zhang • Samiul Hasan • Xuedong Yan • Xiaobing Liu

Oct 20, 2020


Artificial Intelligence-Based Vehicular Traffic Flow Prediction Methods For Supporting Intelligent Transportation Systems

Azzedine Boukerche • Yanjie Tao • Peng Sun

Aug 16, 2020

Computer Networks

The Scalability Analysis of Machine Learning Based Models in Road Traffic Flow Prediction

Jiahao Wang • Azzedine Boukerche

Jul 27, 2020

2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications 

A Hybrid Deep Learning Model With Attention-Based Conv-LSTM Networks For Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction

Haifeng Zheng • Feng Lin • Xinxin Feng • Youjia Chen

Jun 9, 2020

 IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

A performance Modeling And Analysis Of A Novel Vehicular Traffic Flow Prediction System Using A Hybrid Machine Learning-Based Model

Azzedine Boukerche • Jiahao Wang

May 30, 2020

Ad Hoc Networks

Machine Learning-Based Models for Real-time Traffic Flow Prediction in Vehicular Networks

Peng Sun • Noura Aljeri • Azzedine Boukerche

Apr 8, 2020

IEEE Network 

A Deep-Learning Model For Urban Traffic Flow Prediction With Traffic Events Mined From Twitter

Aniekan Essien • Ilian Petrounias • Pdero Sampaio • Sandra Sampaio

Mar 14, 2020

World Wide Web

Traffic Flow Prediction Via Spatial Temporal Graph Neural Network

Xiaoyang Wang • Yao Ma • Yiqi Wang • Wei Jin • Xin Wang • Jiliang Tang • Caiyan Jia • Jian Yu

Jan 4, 2020

WWW '20: The Web Conference 2020

Influence of CAV Clustering Strategies On Mixed Traffic Flow Characteristics: An Analysis Of Vehicle Trajectory Data

Zigia Zhong • Earl E. Lee • Joyoung Lee • Mark Nejad

Jan 3, 2020

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

Short Term Traffic Flow Prediction Using Machine Learning - KNN, SVM And ANN With Weather Information

Faysal Ibna Rahman

Jan 1, 2020

International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering 

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