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Battery Technology

This type of battery in its simplest structure consists of a graphite anode and a cathode made of a lithium metal oxide. These batteries are also used in vehicles such as hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. Another advantage of this model is their long battery life, which is one of the reasons why the electronic market is interested in it.

An Overview of Parameter and Cost for Battery Electric Vehicles

Adrian König • Lorenzo Nicoletti • Daniel Schröder • Sebastian Wolff • Adam Waclaw • Markus Lienkamp

Feb 3, 2021

World Electric Vehicle Journal

Battery state-of-health sensitive energy management of hybrid electric vehicles: Lifetime prediction and ageing experimental validation

Pier Giuseppe Anselma • Phillip Kollmeyer • Jeremy Lempert • Ziyu Zhao • Giovanni Belingardi • Ali Emadi

Jan 10, 2021

Applied Energy

Parametric Modeling of Mass and Volume Effects for Battery Electric Vehicles, with Focus on the Wheel Components

Lorenzo Nicoletti • Andrea Romano • Adrian König • Ferdinand Schockenhoff • Markus Lienkamp

Oct 2, 2020

World Electric Vehicle Journal

Novel method for the on-line estimation of low-frequency impedance of lithium-ion batteries

Alexander Karger • Leo Wildfeuer • Arpit Maheshwari • Nikolaos Wassiliadis • Markus Lienkamp

Sep 30, 2020

The Journal of Energy Storage

Electric Vehicles Batteries: Requirements and Challenges

Jie Deng • Chulheung Bae • Adam Denlinger • Theodore Miller

Mar 18, 2020


Multiobjective Co-Optimization of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control and Energy Management Strategy for PHEVs

Yinglong He • Quan Zhou • Michail Makridis • Konstantinos Mattas • Ji Li • Huw Williams • Hongming Xu

Feb 17, 2020


Recycling of mixed cathode lithium‐ion batteries for electric vehicles: Current status and future outlook

Tyler Or • Storm W. D. Gourley • Karthikeyan Kaliyappan • Aiping Yu • Zhongwei Chen

Jan 10, 2020

Carbon Energy

Utilization effects on battery electric vehicle life-cycle assessment: A case-driven analysis of two commercial mobility applications

Michael Held • Maximilian Schücking

Oct 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

Lithium-Ion, Lithium Metal and Alternative Rechargeable Battery Technologies: The Odyssey for High Energy Density

Tobias Placke • Richard Schmuch • Simon Dühnen • Martin Winter

May 17, 2017

Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

Understanding limiting factors in thick electrode performance as applied to high energy density Li-ion batteries

Zhijia Du • David L. Wood • C. Daniel • Sergiy Kalnaus • Jianlin Li

Feb 6, 2017

Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

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