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Smart Signs

When vehicles approach smart traffic signs and markings on the roadway, vital information is imparted to their drivers via the dashboard on their head-up display. Along with the visual data, voice narration may also be used to indicate changing roadway conditions.

Smart Traffic Signs to Support Infrastructure-To-Vehicle Communication in the Rural Settings

Enes Karaaslan • Burak Sen • Tolga Ercen • Haluk Laman • James Pol

Jan 1, 2021

Transportation Research Board (TRB )

Towards Rear-End Collision Avoidance: Adaptive Beaconing for Connected Vehicles

Feng Lyu • Nan Cheng • Hongzi Zhu • Haibo Zhou • Wenchao Xu • Minglu Li • Xuemin Shen

Jan 22, 2020

 IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

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