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Vehicle-to-home (V2H) communication involves the linkage between a vehicle and the owner’s home, such as sharing the task of providing energy. V2D is a way to use the energy accumulated in your rechargeable EV’s batteries. This technology is now being tested in some countries such as Japan. It’s important to note that worldwide, electricity rates vary tremendously.

Aggregation of V2H Systems to Participate in Regulation Market

Hikari Nakano • Ikumi Nawata • Shinkichi Inagaki • Akihiko Kawashima • Tatsuya Suzuki • Akira Ito • Willett Kempton

Jun 25, 2020

 IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering

Operating Cost Optimization of Interconnected Nanogrids Considering Bidirectional Effect of V2G and V2H

Adetokunbo Ajao • Hajir Pourbabak • Wencong Su

Nov 16, 2017

 2017 North American Power Symposium 

Model Predictive Charging Control of In-Vehicle Batteries for Home Energy Management Based on Vehicle State Prediction

Akira Ito • Akihiko Kawashima
Tatsuya Suzuki • Shinkichi Inagaki • Takuma Yamaguchi • Zhoumin Zhou

Feb 23, 2017

 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 

Stochastic Control of Smart Home Energy Management with Plug-in Electric Vehicle Battery Energy Storage and Photovoltaic Array

Xiaohua Wu • Xiaosong Hu • Scott Moura • Xiaofeng Yin • Volker Pickert

Oct 5, 2016

Journal of Power Sources

Stochastic Optimal Energy Management of Smart Home With PEV Energy Storage

Xiaohua Wu • Xiaosong Hu • Xiaofeng Yin • Scott J. Moura

Sep 7, 2016

 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 

Optimal Electric Vehicle Scheduling in Smart Home with V2H/V2G Regulation

Dalong Guo • Peizhong Yi • Chi Zhou • Jia Wang

Jan 21, 2016

 2015 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies - Asia

Integration of V2H/V2G Hybrid System for Demand Response in Distribution Network

Yubo Wang • Omar Sheikh • Boyang Hu • Chi-Cheng Chu • Rajit Gadh

Jan 15, 2015

2014 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications

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