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Electric Buses

Electric buses can store electricity or be continuously powered by an external source. Types of electric buses include hybrids, fuel cells, and batteries. Of course, hybrid buses do not have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gases and are only a step towards fully electrifying vehicles. Most power storage buses are battery-powered electric buses, and these types of buses are one of the most popular types of buses today due to advances in the battery industry. In 2018, this type of bus traveled 280 km with just one charge, but many factors such as temperature, road roughness can be effective for the amount of distance traveled.

Conceptual Design Optimization of Autonomous Electric Buses in Public Transportation

Aditya Pathak • Aybike Ongel • Markus Lienkamp • Silvan Scheuermann

Feb 18, 2021

World Electric Vehicle Journal

Drivers and Barriers to Implementation of Connected, Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles: An Agenda for Future Research

Amirsaman Mahdavian • Alireza Shojaei • Scott MccormickMarkus Lienkamp Timothy Papandreou • Naveen Eluru • Amr A. Oloufa

Feb 1, 2021


Powertrain Optimization for Electric Buses under Optimal Energy-Efficient Driving

Alexander Koch • Olaf Teichert • Svenja Kalt • Aybike Ongel • Markus Lienkamp

Dec 6, 2020


Development of a parametric packaging and sizing tool for autonomous electric bus system

Ganesh Sethuraman • Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak • Aybike Ongel • Markus Lienkamp

Nov 25, 2020

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D
Journal of Automobile Engineering

Impacts of electrification & automation of public bus transportation on sustainability—A case study in Singapore

Aditya Pathak • Ganesh Sethuraman • Aybike Ongel • Markus Lienkamp

Jul 6, 2020


Development of an Overall Vehicle Sizing and Packaging Tool for Autonomous Electric Buses in the Early Concept Phase

Ganesh Sethuraman • Manfred Schwarz • Stefan Maxl • Aybike Ongel • Markus Lienkamp • H.W. Ng • Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak

Mar 11, 2020

 SAE International

Analysis of the Influence of Air Curtain on Reducing
the Heat Infiltration and Costs in Urban Electric Buses

Aditya Pathak • Matthias Binder • Fengqi Chang • Aybike Ongel • Markus Lienkamp

Jan 24, 2020

International Journal of Automotive Technology

A probabilistic fleet analysis for energy consumption,
life cycle cost and greenhouse gas emissions modelling of bus technologies

Andrew Harris • Danielle Soban • Beatrice Smyth • Robert Best

Jan 6, 2020

Applied Energy

City-scale, Agent-based Modelling & Analysis of an Electric Public Bus Transport System. Case study: Singapore

Amine Gouiaa

Dec 1, 2018

Thesis for Master

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