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Electric Vehicles

Commonly, the term EV is used to refer to an electric car. In the 21st century, EVs have seen a resurgence due to technological developments, and an increased focus on renewable energy and the potential reduction of transportation's impact on climate change and other environmental issuesProject Drawdown describes electric vehicles as one of the 100 best contemporary solutions for addressing climate change.

Real-Time Adaptive Velocity Optimization for Autonomous Electric Cars at the Limits of Handling

Thomas Herrmann • Alexander Wischnewski • Leonhard Hermansdorfer • Johannes Betz • Markus Lienkamp

Dec 1, 2020


Topology analysis of electric vehicles, with a focus on the traction battery

Lorenzo Nicoletti • Franziska Ostermann • Maximilian Heinrich • Alois Stauber • Xue Lin

Nov 6, 2020


Parametric Modeling of Mass and Volume Effects for Battery Electric Vehicles, with Focus on the Wheel Components

Lorenzo Nicoletti • Andrea Romano • Adrian König • Ferdinand Schockenhoff • Markus Lienkamp

Oct 2, 2020

World Electric Vehicle Journal

Intelligent Energy Management Systems for Electrified Vehicles:
Current Status, Challenges, and Emerging Trends

Reihaneh Ostadian • John Ramoul • Atriya Biswas • Ali Emadi

Aug 20, 2020


Design Parameters for the Early Development Phase of Battery Electric Vehicles

Lorenzo Nicoletti • Sebastian Mayer • Matthias Brönner • Ferdinand Schockenhoff • Markus Lienkamp

Jun 30, 2020

World Electric Vehicle Journal

Mobility Based Trust Evaluation for Heterogeneous Electric Vehicles Network in Smart Cities

Tian Wang • Hao Luo • Xiangxiang Zeng • Zhiyong Yu • Anfeng Liu • Arun Kumar Sangaiah

Jun 19, 2020



Florian Homm • Moritz Hessel • Sebastian Wolff • Werner Schmid • Markus Lienkamp

Jun 1, 2020


Development of a representative urban driving cycle construction methodology for electric vehicles: A case study in Xi’an

Xuan Zhao • Xiangmo Zhao • Qiang Yu • Yiming Ye • Man Yu

Apr 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

Long-term electric vehicles outlook and their potential impact on electric grid

Nikita O. Kapustin • Dmitry A. Grushevenko

Feb 1, 2020

Energy Policy

Technology Development of Electric Vehicles: A Review

Xiaoli Sun • Zhengguo Li • Xiaolin Wang • Chengjiang Li

Dec 23, 2019


Material footprint of electric vehicles: A multiregional life cycle assessment

Burak Sen • Nuri C.Onat • Murat Kucukvar • Omer Tatari

Feb 1, 2019

Journal of Cleaner Production

Estimating potential demand for long-distance electric vehicle travel in Washington State

Parastoo Jabbari • Moein Khaloei • Don MacKenzie

Jan 1, 2019

Transportation Research Board (TRB)

Evaluation of mitigation effects on air pollutants for electric scooters in Taiwan with the energy flow analysis and system dynamics approach

Tai-Yi Yu • Kuang-Chong Wu • P Y Hsieh • L F W Chang

Nov 1, 2018


Where are we heading with electric

Jake Whitehead • Robin Smit • Simon Washington

Oct 1, 2018


Can e-scooters solve the ‘last mile’ problem?
They’ll need to avoid the fate of dockless bikes

Neil Sipe • Dorina Pojani

Sep 1, 2018


Assessment of real-world vehicle data from electric vehicles
– potentials and challenges

Viktoriya Kolarova • Tobias Kuhnimhof • Stefan Trommer,

Sep 1, 2017

11th International Conference on
Transport Survey Methods ISCTSC

Will Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standard help?
Modeling CAFE's impact on market share of electric vehicles

Burak Sen • Mehdi Noori • Omer Tatari

Jul 8, 2017

Energy Policy

Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Electric Taxi Fleets

Benedikt Jäger • Markus Lienkamp • Michael Wittmann

May 1, 2017

 Conference on Future Automotive Technology

Analysis of Electric Vehicle Purchaser
Satisfaction and Rejection Reasons

Parasto Jabbari • William Chernicoff • Don MacKenzie

Jan 1, 2017

Transportation Research Record:
Journal of the Transportation Research Board

Energy Management Framework for Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid: A Three-Party Game

Rongqing Zhang • Xiang Cheng • Liuqing Yang

Dec 1, 2016


Description of the modelling style and parameters for electric vehicles in the concept phase

Stephan Matz • Peter Burda • Johannes Fuchs • Lorenz Horlbeck • Richard Eckl • Markus Lienkamp • Andrea Ficht

Apr 1, 2016


Comprehensive transportation and energy analysis:
A price sensitive, time-specific microsimulation of electric vehicles

Felix Steck • John Erik Anderson • Tobias Kuhnimhof • Carsten Hoyer-Klick

Jul 11, 1905

Transportation Research Board 98th Annual Meeting

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