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Electrification of Heavy Trucks

Using electric trucks not only reduces fuel consumption but also saves energy costs. These trucks maximize power consumption and reduce the use of liquid fuel. So they reduce the overall energy cost by 29 to 44 percent.  For example, for electric delivery trucks, short stops at delivery sites provide enough time to recharge the battery, so high-power charging is not required.

Influence of Powertrain Topology and Electric Machine Design on Efficiency of Battery Electric Trucks-A Simulative Case-Study

Sebastian Wolff • Svenja Kalt • Manuel Bstieler • Markus Lienkamp

Jun 8, 2021


An Investigation of Life Cycle Sustainability Implications of Emerging Heavy-Duty Truck Technologies in the Age of Autonomy

Burak Sen

May 1, 2020

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Life cycle sustainability assessment of autonomous heavy‐duty trucks

Burak Sen • Murat Kucukvar • Nuri C. Onat • Omer Tatari

Dec 16, 2019

 Journal of Industrial Ecology

Logistics and the networked society: A conceptual framework for smart network business models using electric autonomous vehicles (EAVs)

Jason Moniosa • Rickard Bergqvist

Dec 6, 2019

Technological Forecasting and Social Change

The transport geography of electric and autonomous vehicles in road freight networks

Jason Moniosa • Rickard Bergqvist

Aug 30, 2019

Journal of Transport Geography

Robust Pareto optimal approach to sustainable heavy-duty truck fleet composition

Burak Sen • Tolga Ercan • Omer Tatari

Apr 17, 2019

Resources, Conservation and Recycling

Multi-criterion optimization of heavy-duty powertrain design for the evaluation of transport efficiency and costs

Michael Fries • Maximilian Lehmeyer • Markus Lienkamp

Mar 15, 2018


For Better or for Worse: The Impact of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards on Electric Vehicle Market

Burak Sen • Mehdi Noori • Omer Tatari

Jan 1, 2018

Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting

Does the electrification of U.S. heavy-duty trucks make a difference?

Burak Sen • Tolga Ercan • Omer Tatari

Jan 1, 2017

Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting

Does a battery-electric truck make a difference? – Life cycle emissions, costs, and externality analysis of alternative fuel-powered Class 8 heavy-duty trucks in the United

Burak Sen • Tolga Ercan • Omer Tatari

Sep 9, 2016

Journal of Cleaner Production

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