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Hybrid Vehicles

A hybrid vehicle uses two or more different power sources. One type is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), meaning that at least one of the sources must provide electrical energy. In such vehicles the presence of the electric powertrain is intended to achieve either better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle or better performance.

Battery state-of-health sensitive energy management of hybrid electric vehicles: Lifetime prediction and ageing experimental validation

Pier Giuseppe Anselma • Phillip Kollmeyer • Jeremy Lempert • Ziyu Zhao • Giovanni Belingardi • Ali Emadi

Jun 10, 2021

Applied Energy

Effect of coordinated control on real-time optimal mode selection for multi-mode hybrid electric powertrain

Atriya Biswas • Pier Giuseppe Anselma • Aashit Rathore • Ali Emadi

Mar 2, 2021

Applied Energy

Electric Drive Technology Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Electric Vehicles

Iqbal Husain • Burak Ozpineci • Md Sariful Islam • Emre Gurpinar • Gui-Jia Su • Wensong Yu • Shajjad Chowdhury • Lincoln Xue • Dhrubo Rahman • Raj Sahu

Jan 8, 2021


Databased Architecture Modeling for Battery Electric Vehicles

Lorenzo Nicoletti • Werner Schmid • Markus Lienkamp

Nov 2, 2020


A Component Sizing Oriented On-line Controller for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrains based on the Adaptive Equivalent Consumption Minimization Strategy

Alessandro Picchirallo • Pier Giuseppe Anselma • Giovanni Belingardi • Ali Emadi

Aug 27, 2020


Intelligent Energy Management Systems for Electrified Vehicles: Current Status, Challenges, and Emerging Trends

Reihaneh Ostadian • John Ramou • Atriya Biswa • Ali Emadi

Aug 20, 2020


Multi-Objective Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control for Maximizing Fuel Economy and Battery Lifetime

Pier Giuseppe Anselma • Phillip Kollmeyer • Giovanni Belingardi • Ali Emadi

Aug 7, 2020


Noise and vibration suppression in hybrid electric vehicles: State of the art and challenges

Yechen Qin • Xiaolin Tang • Tong Jia • Ziwen Duan • Jieming Zhang • Yinong Li • Ling Zheng

May 1, 2020

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Multiobjective component sizing of a hybrid ethanol-electric vehicle propulsion system

Yinglong He • Chongming Wang • Quan Zhou • Ji Li • Michail Makridis • Huw Williams • Guoxiang Lu • Hongming Xu

Mar 20, 2020

Applied Energy

A New Energy Management Strategy for Multimode Power-Split Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Giuseppe Buccoliero • Pier Giuseppe Anselma • Saeed Amirfarhangi Bonab • Giovanni Belingardi • Ali Emadi

Oct 28, 2019


Stochastic control of smart home energy management with plug-in electric vehicle battery energy storage and photovoltaic array

Xiaohua Wu • Xiaosong Hu • Scott Moura • Volker Pickert

Oct 5, 2016

Journal of Power Sources

Socially optimal electric driving range of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

Eleftheria Kontou • Yafeng Yin • Zhenhong Lin

Jul 25, 2015

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

Conventional, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles? State-based comparative carbon and energy footprint analysis in the United States

Nuri Cihat Onat • Murat Kucukvar • Omer Tatari

Apr 18, 2015

Applied Energy

Power Electronics and Motor Drives in Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Ali Emadi • Young Joo Lee • Kaushik Rajashekara

May 28, 2008


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