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Electronic Share of New Cars' Cost

Today, the number of electronic components in cars has increased significantly compared to the past, and part of it is due to increased safety. Statistics show that in 2004, less than 20 percent of cars had rear parking sensor systems and side airbags. But in 2007, more than 80% of cars were equipped with these systems. Of course, newer cars also benefit from features such as fuel economy, hybrid and electric technology, but the presence of this technology on cars also increases their price. In 2000, electronic systems accounted for 18 percent of the total cost, up from 40 percent today.

An Overview of Parameter and Cost for Battery Electric Vehicles

Adrian König • Lorenzo Nicoletti • Daniel Schröder • Sebastian Wolff • Adam Waclaw • Markus Lienkamp

Feb 3, 2021

World Electric Vehicle Journal

Techno-Economic Analysis of State-of-the-Art Charging Infrastructure Concepts for Typical Commercial Battery Electric Vehicle Fleets

Adam Waclaw • Felix Gotzler • Johannes Betz • Markus Lienkamp

Dec 24, 2020


Shared autonomous vehicle fleet performance: Impacts of trip densities and parking limitations

Haonan Yan • Kara M.Kockelman • Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy

Nov 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

An Analysis of Attributes of Electric Vehicle Owners’ Travel and Purchasing Behavior: The Case of Maryland

Hyeon-Shic Shin • Z. Andrew Farkas • Amirreza Nickkar

Aug 1, 2019

International Conference on Transportation and Development 2019

Electricity rates for electric vehicle direct current fast charging in the United States

Matteo Muratori • Eleftheria Kontou • Joshua Eichman

Jun 29, 2019

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Comprehensive transportation and energy analysis: A price sensitive, time-specific microsimulation of electric vehicles

Felix Steck • John Erik Anderson • Tobias Kuhnimhof • Carsten Hoyer-Klick

Jan 30, 2019

Transportation Research Board 98th Annual Meeting

The role of market scale in electric vehicle adoption: consumer and infrastructure perspectives

Parasto Jabbari

Apr 24, 2018

MSc Thesis

Analysis of Electric Vehicle Purchaser Satisfaction and Rejection Reasons

Parasto Jabbari • William Chernicoff • Don MacKenzie

Jan 1, 2017

Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board

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