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Policy & Governance

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The societal dimension of the automated vehicles transition: Towards a research agenda

Dimitris Milakis • Stephan Müller

Jun 1, 2021


Autonomous Driving Ethics: from Trolley Problem to Ethics of Risk

Maximilian Geisslinger • Franziska Poszler • Johannes Betz • Christoph Lütge • Markus Lienkamp

Apr 1, 2021

Philosophy & Technology

Synthesis of State-Level Planning and Strategic Actions on Automated Vehicles: Lessons and Policy Guidance for California

Wong • StephenShaheen • Susan, PhD

Sep 1, 2020

University of California Institute of Transportation Studies

Sociotechnical imaginaries of connected and automated vehicle technology: Comparative analysis of governance cultures in Finland, Germany, and the UK

Milos Mladenovic • Dominic Stead • Dimitris Milakis • Kate Pangbourne • Moshe Givoni

Aug 1, 2020

Bridging Transportation Researchers

Policy Implications of Autonomous Vehicles

Bert van Wee • Dimitris Milakis • Nikolas Thomopoulos

Jul 24, 2020

Elsevier Science

Governance cultures and sociotechnical imaginaries of self-driving vehicle technology

M. Mladenovic • D. Milakis • K. Pangbourne • M. Givoni • D. Stead

Jan 1, 2020

Collection of open chapters of books in transport research

Understanding autonomous vehicles: A systematic literature review on capability, impact, planning and policy

Asif Iqbal Mohammad Faisal • Tan Yigitcanlar • Md. Kamruzzaman •
Graham Currie

Jan 1, 2019

Journal of Transport and Land Use

Reframing the governance of automotive automation: insights from UK stakeholder workshops

Tom Cohen • Jack Stilgoe • Clemence Cavoli

Jul 30, 2018

Journal of Responsible Innovation

Governing autonomous vehicles: emerging responses for safety, liability, privacy, cybersecurity, and industry risks

Araz Taeihag • Hazel Si Min Lim

Jul 11, 2018

Transport reviews

Transportation Planning for Connected Autonomous Vehicles: How It All Fits Together

Bobby J. Cottam

Mar 29, 2018

Transportation Research Record

Transportation Planning for Connected Autonomous Vehicles: How It All Fits Together

Bobby Cottam

Mar 1, 2018

Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board

Automation of the driving task: Some possible consequences and governance challenges

Smith • Bryant Walker

Jan 1, 2017

International Transport Forum Discussion Papers

Autonomous vehicles: challenges, opportunities, and future implications for transportation policies

Saeed Asadi Bagloee • Madjid Tavana • Mohsen Asadi • Tracey Oliver

Aug 29, 2016

Journal of modern transportation

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