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This model of robots, also known as self-driving taxis, remove the need for a driver for vehicles and expand transportation. Their positive effects include increasing road safety and reducing traffic congestion. Robo-taxis reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption due to the use of electric vehicles, and do not have the main problems of electric vehicles, namely charging and range.

A structural equation modeling approach for the acceptance of driverless automated shuttles based on constructs from the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology and the Diffusion of Innovation Theory

Sina Nordhoff • Victor Fabricius • B. van Arem • Riender Happee • Peng Liu

Apr 1, 2021

Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour

From Pilot to Implementation: What are Potential Deployments with Automated Vehicles in Public Transport Based on Knowledge Gained from Practice?

Reanne Boersma • Irene Zubin • B. van Arem • Niels van Oort

Jan 1, 2021

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting 2021

Tracking a Shared Low-Speed Light-Weight Autonomous Mobility (SLLAM) System on Continuous Pedestrian Access Routes: A case study in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Zhang, Zihe • Liu, Jun • Nie, Qifan • Jones, Steven •Kockelman, Kara

Dec 23, 2020

Transportation Reasearch Board (TRB) committee ACP80 Standing Committee on Traffic Simulation Committee.

Impact of vehicle automation and electric propulsion on production costs for mobility services worldwide

Henrik Becker • Felix Becker • Ryosuke Abe • Shlomo Bekhor • Prawira F.Belgiawand • Junia Compostellaf • Emilio Frazzolig • Lewis M.Fultone • Davi Guggisberg Bicudoa • Krishna Murthy Gurumurthyh • David A.Hensheri • Johan W.Joubert • Kara M.Kockelman • Lars Kröger • ScottLe Vine • Jai Malik • Katarzyna Marczuk • RezaAshari Nasution • Kay W.Axhausena

Aug 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Assessment of a Week-Long Campus Automated Shuttle Demonstration in Low-Speed Environments

Pei-Sung Lin • Nikhil Menon • Cong Chen • Achilleas Kourtellis

Jun 29, 2020

13th Asia Pacific Transportation Development Conference

Automated taxis ’ dial-a-ride problem with ride-sharing considering congestion-based dynamic travel times

Xiao Liang • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia • Kun An • B. van Arem

Mar 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

Robo-Taxi Service Fleet Sizing: Assessing the Impact of User Trust and Willingness to Use

Reza Vosooghi • Joseph E. Kamel • Jakob Puchinger • Vincent Leblond • Marija Jankovic

Jan 1, 2020

Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Meeting

A Flow Based Automated Electric Taxi's Route Choice Model Considering Traffic Congestion Delays and Charging Scheduling

Xiao Liang • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia

Jan 1, 2020

Transportation Research Board (TRB) At: Washington DC, USA

Simulation of City-wide Replacement of Private Cars with Autonomous Taxis in Berlin

Joschka Bischoff • Michal Maciejewski

Dec 1, 2016

Procedia Computer Science

Simulation of autonomous taxis in a multi-modal traffic scenario with dynamic demand

Sebastian Hörl • Alexander Erath • Kay W. Axhausen

Jul 1, 2016

ETH Zurich, Singapore ETH Centre

Implementation of an autonomous taxi service in a multi-modal traffic simulation using MATSim

Sebastian Hörl

Jun 1, 2016

Thesis for Master

Impacts of Shared Autonomous Taxis in a Metropolitan Area

Wilco Burghout • Ingmar Andréasson • Pierre-Jean Joseph Rigole

Jan 1, 2015

The Proceedings of the 94th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) At: Washington DC, USA

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