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Cooperative Synthetic Aperture Radar in an Urban Connected Car Scenario

Dario Tagliaferri • Marco Rizzi • Stefano Tebaldini • Monica Nicoli • Ivan Russo • Christian Mazzucco • Andrea Virgilio Monti-Guarnieri • Claudio Maria Prati • Umberto Spagnolini

Feb 23, 2021

2021 1st IEEE International Online Symposium on Joint Communications & Sensing

Sensor-Aided V2X Beam Tracking for Connected Automated Driving: Distributed Architecture and Processing Algorithms

Mattia Brambilla • Lorenzo Combi • Andrea Matera • Dario Tagliaferri • Monica Nicoli • Umberto Spagnolini

Jun 24, 2020

IoT Sensing Systems for Traffic Monitoring and for Automated and Connected Vehicles

Inertial Sensor Aided mmWave Beam Tracking to Support Cooperative Autonomous Driving

Mattia Brambilla • Monica Nicoli • Sergio Savaresi • Umberto Spagnolini

May 20, 2019

2019 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops

Multi-Stage Algorithm for Detection-Error Identification and Data Screening

Apr 25, 2019

Utah Department of Transportation

Efficient Splitting of Test and Simulation Cases for the Verification of Highly Automated Driving Functions

Eckard Böde • Matthias Büker • Ulrich Eberle • Martin Fränzle • Sebastian Gerwinn • Birte Kramer

Aug 17, 2018

International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security

Advancements, prospects, and impacts of automated driving systems


Jan 9, 2017

International journal of transportation science and technology 

Sensor Fusion: A Comparison of Sensing Capabilities of Human
Drivers and Highly Automated Vehicles

Brandon Schoettle

Jan 8, 2017

The University of Michigan
Sustainable Worldwide Transportation

Making Bertha Drive—An Autonomous Journey on a Historic Route

Julius Ziegler • Philipp Bender • Markus Schreiber • Henning Lategahn • Tobias Strauss • Christoph Stiller • Thao Dang • Uwe Franke • Nils Appenrodt • Christoph G. Keller • Eberhard Kaus • Ralf G. Herrtwich • Clemens Rabe • David Pfeiffer • Frank Lindner • Fridtjof Stein • Friedrich Erbs • Markus Enzweiler • Carsten Knöppel • Jochen Hipp • Martin Haueis • Maximilian Trepte • Carsten Brenk • Andreas Tamke • Mohammad Ghanaat • Markus Braun • Armin Joos • Hans Fritz • Horst Mock • Martin Hein • Eberhard Zeeb

Apr 22, 2014

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine

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