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Accessibility is the practice of making a website readily usable by as many people as possible; and is not limited to people with disabilities. The practice of making sites accessible is also useful for other groups, such as those using mobile devices or those with slow network connections. Accessibility is seen as not only the right thing to do but as something that benefits all users.

Modeling and Analysis of Optimal Strategies for Leveraging Ride-Sourcing Services in Hurricane Evacuation

Ding Wang • Kaan Ozbay • Zilin Bian

Apr 1, 2021


Evaluation Methods for the Impacts of Shared Mobility: Classification and Critical Review

Anastasia Roukouni • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia

Dec 1, 2020


On-demand ridesourcing for urban emergency evacuation events: An exploration of message content, emotionality, and intersectionality

Elisa Borowski • Amanda Stathopoulos

Apr 1, 2020

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Chapter 4 - Implications of vehicle automation for accessibility and social inclusion of people on low income, people with physical and sensory disabilities, and older people

Dimitris Milakis • Bert van Wee

Jul 12, 1905

Demand for Emerging Transportation Systems

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