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Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a type of service that enables users to plan, pay, and book for several types of mobility services through a joint digital channel. MaaS is in real-time, as required of the platform that includes different combinations of transport methods such as bike-sharing, car rentals/leases, and taxis. MaaS provides everything for the consumer, from travel planning to payments. The benefits of MaaS include easy route planning, simplified payments, and a personal touch.

Drivers and Barriers to Implementation of Connected, Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles: An Agenda for Future Research

Amirsaman Mahdavian • Alireza Shojaei • Scott Mccormick • Timothy Papandreou • Naveen Eluru • Amr A. Oloufa

Feb 1, 2021


A Holistic Approach to Electric Shared Mobility Systems Development—Modelling and Optimization Aspects

Katarzyna Turoń • Andrzej Kubik • Feng Chen • Hualan Wang • Bogusław Łazarz

Nov 6, 2020


The Shared Mobility Sector in Italy

Massimo Ciuffini • Luca Refrigeri • Sofia Asperti

Nov 3, 2020

The Role of Sharing Mobility in Contemporary Cities

Similarities and Differences of Mobility on Demand (MOD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Susan Shaheen • Adam Cohen

Jun 1, 2020

Institute of Transportation Engineers. ITE Journal

Combining analytics and simulation methods to assess the impact of shared, autonomous electric vehicles on sustainable urban mobility

Oliver Dlugosch • Tobias Brandt • Dirk Neumann

Feb 19, 2020

Information & Management

Logistics and the networked society: A conceptual framework for smart network business models using electric autonomous vehicles (EAVs)

Jason Monios • Rickard Bergqvist

Feb 1, 2020

Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Questioning mobility as a service: Unanticipated implications for society and governance

Kate Pangbourne • Miloš N. Mladenović • Dominic Stead • Dimitris Milakis

Jan 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Assessing the welfare impacts of Shared Mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Henrik Becker • Milos Balac • Francesco Ciari • Kay W. Axhausen

Jan 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Impact of shared and autonomous vehicles on travel behavior

Naveen Eluru • Charisma F. Choudhury

Oct 25, 2019


The transport geography of electric and autonomous vehicles in road freight networks

JasonMonios • Rickard Bergqvist

Oct 1, 2019

Journal of Transport Geography

Chipping away at uncertainty: intent to use self-driving vehicles and the role of ride-hailing

Ipek N. Sener • Johanna Zmud

Aug 5, 2019

Transportation Planning and Technology

Questioning Mobility as a Service: Unanticipated societal and governance implications

Kate Pangbourne • Miloš Mladenović • Dominic Stead • Dimitrios Milakis

Jul 12, 1905

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

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