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A shared automated vehicle or autonomous vehicle (“SAV”) is a traditional vehicle converted to provide autonomy via stack technology or a purpose-built vehicle, designed for safely moving people from point A to point B.

Sustainable Renewal Methods of Urban Public Parking Spaces under the Scenario of Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAV): A Review and A Proposal

Bing Xia • Jindong Wu • Jiaqi Wang • Yitao Fang • Haodi Shen • Jingli Shen

Mar 1, 2021


Parking space for shared automated vehicles: How less can be more

Konstanze Winter • Oded Cats • Karel Martens • B. van Arem

Jan 1, 2021

Transportation Research Part A Policy and Practice

How will self-driving vehicles affect U.S. megaregion traffic? The case of the Texas Triangle

Yantao Huang • Kara M. Kockelman • Neil Quarles

Dec 1, 2020

Research in Transportation Economics

Strategic Charging of Shared Fully-Automated Electric Vehicle (SAEV) Fleets in a Large-Scale Model

Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Matthew D Dean • Kara Kockelman

Dec 1, 2020


Shared autonomous vehicle fleet performance: Impacts of trip densities and parking limitations

Haonan Yan • Kara M. Kockelman • Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy

Dec 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

A Dirichlet process mixture model of discrete choice: Comparisons and a case study on preferences for shared automated vehicles

Rico Krueger • Taha H. Rashidi • AkshayVij

Sep 1, 2020

Journal of Choice Modelling

Adoption of Shared Automated Vehicles as Access and Egress Mode of Public Transport: A Research Agenda

Irene Zubin • Niels van Oort • Arjan van Binsbergen • B. van Arem

Sep 1, 2020

In Conference: IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2020

Decision Support Tool for Planning Neighborhood-Scale Deployment of Low-Speed Shared Automated Shuttles

Lei Zhu • Jinghui Wang • Venu Garikapati • Stanley Young

Jul 23, 2020

Transportation Research Record

Identifying user classes for shared and automated mobility services

Konstanze Winter • Oded Cats • Karel Martens • B. van Arem

May 1, 2020

European Transport Research Review

Shared autonomous electric vehicle service performance: Assessing the impact of charging infrastructure

Reza Vosooghi • Jakob Puchinger • Joschka Bischoff • Marija Jankovic • Anthony Vouillon

Apr 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part D Transport and Environment

Journal Pre-proofs Assessing the impacts of shared autonomous vehicles on congestion and curb use

Irene Overtoom • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia • Yilin Huang • Alexander Verbraeck

Apr 1, 2020

International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology

Modeling Americans’ autonomous vehicle preferences: A focus on dynamic ride-sharing, privacy & long-distance mode choices

Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Kara M. Kockelman

Jan 1, 2020

Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Shared Autonomous Vehicle Services and User Taste Variations: Survey and Model Applications

Ouail Al Maghraoui • Reza Vosooghi • Abood Mourad • Joseph E. Kamel • Jakob Puchinger • Flore Vallet • Bernard Yannou

Jan 1, 2020

Transportation Research Procedia

A Repositioning Method for Shared Autonomous Vehicles Operation

Felipe de Souza • Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Josua Auld • Kara M. Kockelman

Jan 1, 2020

Procedia Computer Science

A linear program for optimal integration of shared autonomous vehicles with public transit

Michael W. Levin • Michael Odell • Shaluka Samarasena • Adam Schwartz

Dec 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

Exploring the Performance of Different On-Demand Transit Services Provided by a Fleet of Shared Automated Vehicles: An Agent-Based Model

Senlei Wang • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia • Hai Xiang Lin

Dec 1, 2019

Journal of Advanced Transportation

Cascaded Model Predictive Control for Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles Systems with V2G Capabilities

Riccardo Iacobucci • Raffaele Bruno

Nov 25, 2019


Shared Autonomous Vehicle Simulation and Service Design

Reza Vosooghi • Jakob Puchinger • Marija Jankovic • Anthony Vouillon

Oct 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies

Shared Autonomous Vehicle Service Design, Modeling, and Simulation

Reza Vosooghi

Oct 1, 2019

Doctoral dissertation, Université Paris Saclay (COmUE)

A congestion-aware Tabu search heuristic to solve the shared autonomous vehicle routing problem

Prashanth Venkatraman • Michael W. Levin

Sep 27, 2019

Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Shared automated vehicles: A statistical analysis of consumer use likelihoods and concerns

Natalia Barbour • Nikhil Menon • Yu Zhang • Fred Mannering

Aug 1, 2019

Transport Policy

Fleet performance and cost evaluation of a shared autonomous electric vehicle (SAEV) fleet: A case study for Austin, Texas

Benjamin Loeb • Kara M. Kockelman

Mar 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Shared Automated Mobility: Early Exploration and Potential Impacts