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A shared automated vehicle or autonomous vehicle (“SAV”) is a traditional vehicle converted to provide autonomy via stack technology or a purpose-built vehicle, designed for safely moving people from point A to point B.

Sustainable Renewal Methods of Urban Public Parking Spaces under the Scenario of Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAV): A Review and A Proposal

Bing Xia • Jindong Wu • Jiaqi Wang • Yitao Fang • Haodi Shen • Jingli Shen

Mar 1, 2021


Parking space for shared automated vehicles: How less can be more

Konstanze Winter • Oded Cats • Karel Martens • B. van Arem

Jan 1, 2021

Transportation Research Part A Policy and Practice

Shared autonomous vehicle fleet performance: Impacts of trip densities and parking limitations

Haonan Yan • Kara M. Kockelman • Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy

Dec 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

Strategic Charging of Shared Fully-Automated Electric Vehicle (SAEV) Fleets in a Large-Scale Model

Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Matthew D Dean • Kara Kockelman

Dec 1, 2020


How will self-driving vehicles affect U.S. megaregion traffic? The case of the Texas Triangle

Yantao Huang • Kara M. Kockelman • Neil Quarles

Dec 1, 2020

Research in Transportation Economics

Adoption of Shared Automated Vehicles as Access and Egress Mode of Public Transport: A Research Agenda

Irene Zubin • Niels van Oort • Arjan van Binsbergen • B. van Arem

Sep 1, 2020

In Conference: IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2020

A Dirichlet process mixture model of discrete choice: Comparisons and a case study on preferences for shared automated vehicles

Rico Krueger • Taha H. Rashidi • AkshayVij

Sep 1, 2020

Journal of Choice Modelling

Decision Support Tool for Planning Neighborhood-Scale Deployment of Low-Speed Shared Automated Shuttles

Lei Zhu • Jinghui Wang • Venu Garikapati • Stanley Young

Jul 23, 2020

Transportation Research Record

Identifying user classes for shared and automated mobility services

Konstanze Winter • Oded Cats • Karel Martens • B. van Arem

May 1, 2020

European Transport Research Review

Journal Pre-proofs Assessing the impacts of shared autonomous vehicles on congestion and curb use

Irene Overtoom • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia • Yilin Huang • Alexander Verbraeck

Apr 1, 2020

International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology

Shared autonomous electric vehicle service performance: Assessing the impact of charging infrastructure

Reza Vosooghi • Jakob Puchinger • Joschka Bischoff • Marija Jankovic • Anthony Vouillon

Apr 1, 2020

Transportation Research Part D Transport and Environment

Shared Autonomous Vehicle Services and User Taste Variations: Survey and Model Applications

Ouail Al Maghraoui • Reza Vosooghi • Abood Mourad • Joseph E. Kamel • Jakob Puchinger • Flore Vallet • Bernard Yannou

Jan 1, 2020

Transportation Research Procedia

Modeling Americans’ autonomous vehicle preferences: A focus on dynamic ride-sharing, privacy & long-distance mode choices

Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Kara M. Kockelman

Jan 1, 2020

Technological Forecasting and Social Change

A Repositioning Method for Shared Autonomous Vehicles Operation

Felipe de Souza • Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Josua Auld • Kara M. Kockelman

Jan 1, 2020

Procedia Computer Science

Exploring the Performance of Different On-Demand Transit Services Provided by a Fleet of Shared Automated Vehicles: An Agent-Based Model

Senlei Wang • Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia • Hai Xiang Lin

Dec 1, 2019

Journal of Advanced Transportation

A linear program for optimal integration of shared autonomous vehicles with public transit

Michael W. Levin • Michael Odell • Shaluka Samarasena • Adam Schwartz

Dec 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

Cascaded Model Predictive Control for Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles Systems with V2G Capabilities

Riccardo Iacobucci • Raffaele Bruno

Nov 25, 2019


Shared Autonomous Vehicle Service Design, Modeling, and Simulation

Reza Vosooghi

Oct 1, 2019

Doctoral dissertation, Université Paris Saclay (COmUE)

Shared Autonomous Vehicle Simulation and Service Design

Reza Vosooghi • Jakob Puchinger • Marija Jankovic • Anthony Vouillon

Oct 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies

A congestion-aware Tabu search heuristic to solve the shared autonomous vehicle routing problem

Prashanth Venkatraman • Michael W. Levin

Sep 27, 2019

Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Shared automated vehicles: A statistical analysis of consumer use likelihoods and concerns

Natalia Barbour • Nikhil Menon • Yu Zhang • Fred Mannering

Aug 1, 2019

Transport Policy

Fleet performance and cost evaluation of a shared autonomous electric vehicle (SAEV) fleet: A case study for Austin, Texas

Benjamin Loeb • Kara M. Kockelman

Mar 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Exploring the Impact of User Preferences on Shared Autonomous Vehicle Modal Split: A Multi-Agent Simulation Approach

Joseph E. Kamel • Reza Vosooghi • Jakob Puchinger • Feirouz Ksontini • Göknur Sirin

Jun 1, 2018

Transportation Research Procedia

Shared Automated Mobility: Early Exploration and Potential Impacts

Adam Stocker • Susan A. Shaheen

Jun 1, 2018

Road Vehicle Automation

How Autonomous Driving May Affect the Value of Travel Time Savings for Commuting

Felix Steck • Viktoriya Kolarova • Francisco Bahamonde-Birke • Stefan Trommer • Barbara Lenz

Apr 1, 2018

Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board

Social and behavioural questions associated with Automated Vehicles A Literature Review

Clemence Cavoli • Brian Phillips • Tom Cohen • Peter Jones

Jan 1, 2017

UCL Transport Institute

Preferences for shared autonomous vehicles

Rico Krueger • Taha H. Rashidi • John Rose

Aug 1, 2016

Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies

Tracking a Shared Low-Speed Light-Weight Autonomous Mobility (SLLAM) System on Continuous Pedestrian Access Routes: A case study in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Zihe Zhang • Jun Liu • Qifan Nie • Steven Jones • Kara Kockelman

Jul 13, 1905

Transportation Research Board

An Optimization-Based Strategy for Shared Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Repositioning

Felipe de Souza • Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Joshua Auld • Kara M. Kockelman

Jul 12, 1905


Chapter Four - Sharing vehicles and sharing rides in real-time: Opportunities for self-driving fleets

Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy • Kara M. Kockelman • Benjamin J. Loeb

Jul 11, 1905

Advances in Transport Policy and Planning

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