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Scooter Sharing

A scooter sharing system is a type of transport service in which the user can rent electric motorized scooters for a short period of time. These scooters are called e-scooters and typically do not have a fixed home location. Put simply; scooter sharing is the shared, free-floating use of electric and combustion scooters, where operators enable customers to rent scooters directly through the use of a smartphone. 

Analysis of attitudes and engagement of shared e-scooter users

Andreas Nikiforiadis • Evangelos Paschalidis • Nikiforos Stamatiadis • Alexandra Raptopoulou • Athanasia Kostareli • Socrates Basbas

May 1, 2021

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment

Spatial analysis of shared e-scooter trips

Aryan Hosseinzadeh • Majeed Algomaiah • Robert Kluger • Zhixia Li

Apr 1, 2021

Journal of Transport Geography

Scoot over: Determinants of shared electric scooter presence in Washington D.C

Leila Hawa • Boer Cui • Lijun Sun • Ahmed M. El-Geneidy

Mar 1, 2021

Case Studies on Transport Policy

E-scooters and sustainability: Investigating the relationship between the density of E-scooter trips and characteristics of sustainable urban development

Aryan Hosseinzadeh • Majeed Algomaiah • Robert Kluger • Zhixia Li

Mar 1, 2021

Sustainable Cities and Society

A comparative analysis of e-scooter and e-bike usage patterns: Findings from the City of Austin, TX

Mohammed Hamad Almannaa • Huthaifa I. Ashqar • Mohammed Elhenawy • Mahmoud Masoud • Andry Rakotonirainy • Hesham Rakha

Nov 30, 2020

International Journal of Sustainable Transportation

Understanding the Shared E-scooter Travels in Austin, TX

Junfeng Jiao • Shunhua Bai

Feb 1, 2020

International Journal of Geo-Information

Are e-scooters polluters? The environmental impacts of shared dockless electric scooters

Joseph Hollingsworth • Brenna Copeland • Jeremiah X Johnson

Aug 1, 2019

Environmental Research Letters

Analysis of E-Scooter Trips and Their Temporal Usage Patterns

Jijo Mathew • Mingmin Liu • Howell Li • Sonya Seeder • Darcy M. Bullock

Jun 1, 2019

Ite Journal

Spatiotemporal comparative analysis of scooter-share and bike-share usage patterns in Washington, D.C.

Grant Donald McKenzie

Jun 1, 2019

Journal of Transport Geography

Scoot over Smart Devices: The Invisible Costs of Rental Scooters

Andrew Boyles Petersen

Mar 1, 2019

Surveillance & Society

Freedom from the Station: Spatial Equity in Access to Dockless Bike Share

Stephen Mooney • Kate Hosford • Bill Howe • An Yan • Meghan Winters • Alon Bassok • Jana A Hirsch

Jan 1, 2019

Journal of Transport Geography

E-Scooter Scenarios: Evaluating the Potential Mobility Benefits of Shared Dockless Scooters in Chicago

C Scott Smith • Joseph P. Schwieterman

Dec 1, 2018

In Conference: Chaddick Institute Policy Series, DePaul University

Are electric scooters promoted on social media with safety in mind? A case study on Bird's Instagram

Jon-Patrick Allem • Anuja Majmundar

Nov 1, 2018

Preventive Medicine Reports

Can e-scooters solve the ‘last mile’ problem? They’ll need to avoid the fate of dockless bikes

Neil Sipe • Dorina Pojani

Sep 1, 2018


Location Optimization for Multiple Types of Charging Stations for Electric Scooters

Yi-Wen Chen • Chen-Yang Cheng • Shu Fen Li • Chung-Hsuan Yu

Mar 1, 2018

Applied Soft Computing

Environmental impact of electric motorcycles: Evidence from traffic noise assessment by a building-based data mining technique

Nengyin Sheng • Xiaorong Zhou • Yicong Zhou

Mar 1, 2016

Science of The Total Environment

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