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Shared Mobility &
Health Precautions 

Shared Mobility is one of the sectors that severely suffer from health-related outbreaks, impacting the economy, the level of service of the traffic network, and ecology. On the other hand, shared mobility can decrease emissions, occupied space, and congestion and hence can actively contribute to mitigating climate change.

A database of travel-related behaviors and attitudes before, during, and after COVID-19 in the United States

Rishabh Chauhan • Matthew Wigginton Conway • Denise Capasso da Silva • Deborah Salon • Ali Shamshiripour • Ehsan Rahimi • Sara Khoeini • Abolfazl • Abolfazl Mohammadian • Sybil Derrible • Ram M. Pendyala

Mar 1, 2021


Public Transit and Shared Mobility COVID-19 Recovery: Policy Options and Research Needs

Susan Shaheen • Stephen Wong

Jan 1, 2021

University of California Institute of Transportation Studies

Trust and compassion in willingness to share mobility and sheltering resources in evacuations: A case study of the 2017 and 2018 California Wildfires

Stephen D. Wong • Joan L. Walker • Susan A. Shaheen

Jan 1, 2021

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

Ride Sharing Attitudes Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Parastoo Jabbari • Don MacKenzie

Nov 1, 2020

Transport Findings

Impact of COVID-19 on Travel Behavior and Shared Mobility Systems

Nikhil Menon • Yaye Keita • Robert L Bertini

Oct 1, 2020

National Center for Transit Research

How is COVID-19 reshaping activity-travel behavior? Evidence from a comprehensive survey in Chicago

Ali Shamshiripour • Ehsan Rahimi • Ramin Shabanpour • Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadia

Sep 1, 2020

Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Mobility Changes, Teleworking, and Remote Communication during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile

Sebastian Astroza • Alejandro Tirachini • Ricardo Hurtubia • Juan Antonio Carrasco • Angelo Guevara • Marcela A. Munizaga • Macarena Figueroa • Valentina Torres

Jul 1, 2020

Transport Findings

An exploratory analysis of the role of socio-demographic and health-related factors in ridesourcing behavior

Natalia Barbour • Yu Zhang • Fred Mannering

Mar 1, 2020

Journal of Transport & Health

The Effect of Dynamic Lockdowns on Public Transport Demand in Times of COVID-19: Evidence from Smartcard Data

Benjamin Gramsch • Angelo Guevara • Marcela A. Munizaga • Daniel Schwartz • Alejandro Tirachini

Jan 1, 2020

SSRN Electronic Journal

Statistical Analysis of the Role of Socio-Demographic and Health Factors in Shared Mobility Related Behaviors and Usage Likelihoods

Natalia M. Barbour

Jan 1, 2019

Graduate Theses and Dissertations

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