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Traffic Flow 

& Capacity

The use of autonomous vehicles has features such as significant increase in capacity can be expected from using autonomous vehicles and that this would also enable a more efficient use of the existing transport infrastructure. Along with the expected increase in capacity for existing traffic infrastructure, traffic jams and lost time are reduced, which in turn improve the quality of traffic flow.

Collaborative Multiagent Decision Making
for Lane-Free Autonomous Driving

Dimitrios Troullinos • Ioannis Papamichail • Georgios Chalkiadakis • Markos Papageorgiou

May 1, 2021

20th International Conference on
Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems

Optimizing operations at freeway weaves with connected and automated vehicles

EhsanAmini • Aschkan Omidvar • Lily Elefteriadou

May 1, 2021

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

Compatibility of Automated Vehicles in Street Spaces: Considerations for a Sustainable Implementation

Aggelos Soteropoulos • Martin Berger • Mathias Mitteregger

Mar 3, 2021

Moving towards Sustainable Cities: Urban Planning and Policies for the Autonomous Mobility Age

Optimizing Road Networks for Automated Vehicles with Dedicated Links, Dedicated Lanes, and Mixed-Traffic Subnetworks

Bahman Madadi • Rob van Nes • Maaike Snelder • B. van Arem

Mar 1, 2021

Journal of Advanced Transportation

How will self-driving vehicles affect U.S. megaregion traffic? The case of the Texas Triangle

Yantao Huang • Kara M.Kockelman • NeilQuarles

Dec 1, 2020

Research in Transportation Economics

Effect of Autonomous Driving on Traffic Breakdown in Mixed Traffic Flow: A Critical Mini-Review

Boris S. Kerner

Nov 14, 2020


Decentralized Optimal Control in Multi-lane Merging for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Wei Xiao • Christos G. Cassandras • Calin Belta

Sep 1, 2020

2020 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Congestion-aware Routing and Rebalancing of Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems in Mixed Traffic

Salomón Wollenstein-Betech • Arian Houshmand • Mauro Salazar • Marco Pavone •
Christos G. Cassandras • Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis

Sep 1, 2020

2020 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Impacts of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles on Traffic Flow with Heterogeneous Drivers Spatially Distributed over Large-Scale Networks

Fatemeh Fakhrmoosavi • Ramin Saedi • Ali Zockaie • Alireza Talebpour

Aug 10, 2020

Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board

A data-driven approach to characterize the impact of connected and autonomous vehicles on traffic flow

Amir Bahador Parsa • Ramin Shabanpour • Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian • Joshua Auld • Thomas Stephens

Jun 17, 2020

Transportation Letters

Developing Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) Capacity Adjustment Factors (CAF) for Connected and Automated Traffic on Freeway Segments

Adekunle Adebisi • Yan Liu • Bastian J Schroeder • Jiaqi Ma • Burak Cesme • Anxi Jia • Abby Morgan

Jun 1, 2020

Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board

The impact of automation and connectivity on traffic flow and CO2 emissions. A detailed microsimulation study

Michail Makridis • Konstantinos Mattas • Caterina Mogno • Biagio Ciuffo • Georgios Fontaras

Apr 1, 2020

Atmospheric Environment

Influence of CAV Clustering Strategies on Mixed Traffic Flow Characteristics: An Analysis of Vehicle Trajectory Data

Zijia Zhong • Earl E. Lee • Mark Nejad • Joyoung Lee

Mar 1, 2020


Highway Traffic Control with Moving Bottlenecks of Connected and Automated Vehicles for Travel Time Reduction

G. Piacentini • A. Ferrara • I. Papamichail • M. Papageorgiou

Dec 1, 2019

2019 IEEE 58th Conference on Decision and Control

Impact of shared and autonomous vehicles on travel

Naveen Eluru • Charisma F. Choudhury

Oct 25, 2019

Transportation (2019)

Motorway traffic flow modelling, estimation and control with vehicle automation and communication systems

Ioannis Papamichail • Nikolaos Bekiaris-Liberis • Anargiros I.Delis • Diamantis Manolis • Kiriakos-Simon Mountakis • Ioannis K.Nikolos • Claudio Roncoli • Markos Papageorgiou

Sep 23, 2019

Annual Reviews in Control

A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Smart Lane Changes of Self-driving Cars

Fangmin Ye • Long Wang • Yibing Wang • Jingqiu Guo • Ioannis Papamichail • Markos Papageorgiou

Aug 30, 2019

EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Impact of Urban Arterial Traffic LOS on the Vehicle Density of Different Lanes of the Arterial in Proximity of an Unsignalized Intersection for Autonomous Vehicle vs. Conventional Vehicle Environments

Seyedeh Maryam Mousavi • Osama A. Osman • Dominique Lord

Aug 28, 2019

International Conference on Transportation and Development 2019

A Mixed Traffic Speed Harmonization Model with Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Amir Ghiasi • Xiaopeng Li • Jiaqi Ma

Jul 1, 2019

Transportation Research Part C Emerging Technologies

Traffic dynamics under speed disturbance in mixed traffic with automated and non-automated vehicles

Danjue Chen • Anupam Srivastava • Soyoung Ahn • Tienan Li

Jan 1, 2019

Transportation Research Procedia

Automated vehicles: exploring possible consequences of government (non)intervention for congestion and accessibility

Tom Cohen • Clémence Cavoli

Sep 28, 2018

Transport Reviews

Quantifying uncertainty in short-term traffic prediction and its application to optimal staffing plan development

Lei Lin • John C. Handley • Yiming Gu • Lei Zhu • Xuejin Wen • Adel W. Sadek

Jul 1, 2018

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

Physics of automated driving in framework of three-phase traffic theory

Boris S. Kerner

Apr 5, 2018


Social and behavioural questions
associated with Automated Vehicles

Clemence Cavoli • Brian Phillips • Tom Cohen • Peter Jones

Jan 1, 2017

UCL Transport Institute

Influence of connected and autonomous vehicles on traffic flow stability and throughput

Alireza Talebpour • Hani S.Mahmassani

Oct 1, 2016

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies

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